By Charlotte Path Of Life Necklace- Gold
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By Charlotte Path Of Life Necklace- Gold

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Our intricately battered Path of Life Necklace features the Path of Life symbol and is inscribed with "Walk the path of Enlightenment", a grounding and reflective mantra for the soul-seeking bohemians and deeply spiritual. Allow this symbol and mantra to motivate, strengthen, and guide you on your unique journey of life. Wear with intention and walk with Enlightenment...

18 inches; adjustable to 15 or 16 inches.

Pendant size: 9 x 12mm; set with Cubic Zirconia crystal. Ball finishings approx. 1.5 x 1.5mm.

Pendant has a battered finish on the front; back is shiny and engraved with "Walk the path of Enlightenment".

18k Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver. Ceramic plated.

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